Giuliani is a terrible person, but I do envy anyone having the Specials as their personal assistant.

I’ve been munching so much on top-notch raw tomatoes and celery. It’s like a dry Bloody Mary.

I’ve got two new air filters, one on either side of the house, which have an auto mode that senses particulates in the air. Every time I hear one or both of their fans speeding up, it feels like someone yelling “UNCLEAN!”

Me browsing video menus: I’m curious about this movie, but 100 minutes feels like such a commitment.

Also me: Just binged half the latest season, may as well keep going.

Damnit, Redbubble just figured out I’m a furry.

I should really have a swear-jar equivalent for whenever I make a commit comment that includes the word “Sisyphean” or “this is why we can’t have nice things”.


The auto captions

To, like,

Your own presentations

Is, like

Kind of like


I started to make a list of all the ways analysis paralysis was negatively impacting me, to then plot against an axis of possible mitigation strategies, but couldn’t get the spreadsheet formatted to be readable enough, and haven’t gotten back to it yet.

Too much time without enough hugs can leave one feeling blue-armed.

That was the wildest thunderstorm I’ve seen in decades. Awesome light show. Pity I only got an hour of sleep (spread across several sessions).

I’ve been feeling out of sorts, which usually takes me a couple days of mysterious misery to realize that that’s happening. Once I notice, I can say “oh I see, this thing is happening in my brain” and it doesn’t make it better, but seeing that it’s a thing takes the edge off.

I thought maybe if I ordered some sushi it would be a nice treat to get me back on track. Then I see the place I meant to order from is closed Tuesdays...

Nooooo! Mood crashes down.

Brains are stupid sometimes.

I should really stop attempting to say words before the caffeine kicks in.

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