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This is a continuation of a thread that started on AD twitter because I’m all about pan-platform malaise

Waltzing into work at 2pm and sitting at the coffee shop with my cappuccino and thinking: why the Fuck don’t I let myself like this

Twitter just showed me an ad before showing me a promoted tweet (I.e., an ad)

I don’t wanna leave California ;~; I miss y’all a lot

I have eaten
The carbs
Of which you were saving
For breakfast

They were so sweet
And filling

On a flight next to a couple guys in the sports fandom
- You are assigned a sportsona based on where you live, but can pick between a few species
- Your sportsona suit must come from an official source, though some bootleggers might have cooler stuff
- During a third of the year (based on species), dozens of sports cons are held every day, hosted by the local sportsona
- Millions of people keep track of who wins the dance comp at each con
- Look out, reg is super expensive for the popu-sports

Let's decentralize the net, let's downgrade it, let's make invite-only twitter-like spaces where we hand out paper invites to people that are local and curate our own network, let's set up offline fileshare hotspots where you woof in a chatroom 3 times to get the password to an archive full of dog videos

actually in the UK they call them crisptunes

I was having kind of a bum day today, and then a student asked me some questions and I busted out some Serious Knowledge and it felt good

Oh no, I replied to a thing on twitter and now my mentions are flowing with anime icons

Animal Business

A small server for a small group of dog things