Yo recent Mastodon animals: consider associating your Twitter and Mastodon accounts on so more people can make the jump. It'll show you if other people you follow on Twitter are already here, and let you auto-follow them.

@hellamander I started to do this, but it wants write permissions on my mastodon account. Could it not?

@jjwolverine oh right forgot about that; probably for the auto-follow. You could immediately revoke it in your account settings in your instance's web UI (Settings > Authorized apps), probably without the bridge noticing

@hellamander okay done! I do not love this but I trust you :)

Do you know the people? Perhaps they could be persuaded to have a more paranoid-spook-compatible permission policy...

@jjwolverine I thought it was run by the same people as the main, but never really checked up on that

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