remember not to access ANYTHING of Amazon's the next two days.
This means:
no Twitch
no audible
no comixology
no kindle
no amazon music
no amazon prime tv
no whole foods
none of the amazon stores

If you have Amazon Prime, cancel it, just resub afterwards if you want, don't even go for it if you're offered a free month. Unplug Alexa if you have her for any reason, don't impulse buy anything.

Support the workers, don't be a scab.

Single bears in your neighborhood would like the trash you've unfairly hidden in the garage

Hello everyone, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to sharing my new works here!

Unnnh I'm preparing for the second session of the D&D 5e campaign I'm running and I'm so excited to try all these new Lazy Dungeonmaster techniques :D

Teaching myself Autodesk Fusion 360 in the hopes of doing more CNC routing and 3D printing. Pretty fun parametric CAD/CAM program so far, and free for hobbyists.

Lots of great tutorial series from Autodesk, too! This is a good 'un:

@jjwolverine guh! I always have that problem when returning to work after an extended time off. "No I was not about to pat your thigh affectionately"

@jjwolverine What I think of whenever I hear an unusual phrase starting with "American"

@irisjaycomics yeesh, good. I wasn't looking forward to seeing that tired boner joke every time I flew for the next decade

@jjwolverine I like building teams of junior devs: I can break their bad habits and teach them my ways much more easily :3

@jjwolverine We are eerily synced; I've been thinking the same thing lately. I'm never going to be some kind of world-class engineer at this point, but I'm really good at helping people navigate company politics and their careers, and enjoy pushing back on upper management for the good of my people. Thinking about changing jobs made me realize how little technical transfer of knowledge there'd be for me, but I'd be able to step right in as a technical manager.

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