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I'm trying to stop using Amazon because of their shitty worker practices and general treatment of the Seattle area, but there really don't seem to be any viable online alternatives out there for stuff other than books or electronics. Doesn't seem like an improvement to order from Walmart instead.

Now that fall is definitely here, it's time to watch Clue as many times as possible

I want to live in that house so bad

I am deep in Normal Country, getting some interior design advice at a furniture store. They had no idea what to do when a solitary dude walked in

"Are you here to fix the broken display bed?"

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Did that thing again where I pulled the chain of muscles down one side of my body from my neck to my back to my pelvis to my glute to my hamstring. One sloppy deadlift, don't do it

it is fall here
leaves are changing colour
the equinox is behind us
and people have found
new ways
to be horny for bowser

We drove to a rain forest to go camping and guess what?? rain

Just pulled the trigger on officially transferring out of my dysfunctional work project to another, way better-for-me project (at the same company). Senioritis set in immediately after sending the email.

I think I've finally gotten over my blind-loyalty instinct: I haven't apologized at all during this whole process, and I feel waaay more relief than guilt. Like, no guilt. Fuck em! 😎:1000:

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Somebody's working on a Mastodon-compatible Instagram equivalent. Could spin up an instance of that, too, once it's a little more mature

I have to admit, I love this idea. Thanks, Tumblr! I will now aspire to be punk in just this way:

Being unconditionally polite, kind, and compassionate in a society that values and finds β€œdeeper meaning” in aloofness and cynicism is subversive and thus punk -- "Hufflepunk"

Love this 80s-as-fuck alarm clock I just got for $2.50 at the Value Village. It's so simple but there's so much going on in the industrial design

Tonight's realization:
20 years in the tech industry has made me believe that it's not worth doing something unless I can affect millions of people at once. But most real socioeconomic issues can't be solved like that: they need lots and lots of help from individuals and small groups. It's not a failure to "only" help one person.

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