Worst idea this week: leaving the hotel without masturbating then looking at pictures of paw socks in the Lyft on the way to the airport before a 6 hour flight.

One of the best things in life is when people on your normie account like or rt a furry

This guy was such a fuck I got a bonus for not rage pissing in his mouth

*deep breath* just don’t rage piss in this guys mouth

All I have to do is get through this week at work without rage pissing in this assholes face and it’ll all be fine

I just got a pixel 3. Seems pretty good so far.

Technology has not progressed sufficiently to answer the query “why isn’t nitrous as good anymore?”

Putting grapes, raisins, or any kind of fruit really, in salad is evil and you shouldn’t do it

I love dancing in fursuit so much, but it’s really tough sometimes to convince myself to do it. I tried really hard this weekend to work on that.

Why does every company think they invented the concept of constructive criticism? Every major company has tried to tell me disagreeing with people without being an asshole is somehow unique to their culture

Anyone who puts a bread and butter pickle in a jar marked dill is going straight to fucking hell

Epiphany of the year: rubberdawg, mr s, and blackstyle dog hoods are the hamburger helper of puppy play

Am I the only one that finds the phrase “dad bod” really the opposite of sexual?

God definitely wants me to be a tranny cuz every time I see a pair of snowboard gloves or bindings or boots I like they’re a women’s model

Pray for @hellamander’s gall bladder that my travel eating habits don’t put him in the hospital

Omg I’m such a raging fat ass I can’t help it ever

I seriously would not put it past me to drive to taco bravo right now

Man I’ve been fuckin up on this 401k thing. More like 401Gay amirite ladies?

I just bought snowboarding goggles with vision insurance

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