Getting out of bed at 3pm was nice but probably not the most adult thing I’ve done this year.

Man how do we keep this mastodon thing going?

Web developers who hijack the back button are total assholes and are going to hell.

Just got this cute new toy. The blocks light up when they touch

After literally 10 years I think I finally figured out what fucked up muscle my lower back problem originates from and it’s a little glorious

I just posted something on Craigslist for the first time ever and now I feel exposed and vulnerable because of a microwave convection oven.

That time I got a suite at the Waldorf in Shanghai and the lights in the chandelier were shaped like glowing dog penises.

God clearly wants me to be a snowboarding transvestite.

AND Chadwick Boseman died of cancer today. It’s a crazy world we live in.

Wow Shinzo Abe resigned. That’s fucking crazy.

Watch Grimoire of Zero. These meaty handpaws should be reason enough.

I conned my way into expensing an oculus then Facebook starts requiring a Facebook account because nothing good can happen in my life.

Update: the hot ass furries are only in the first few episodes of re: zero.

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