So asked for "cool fox with a synthesizer" and yeah these are way too fucking cool

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get you a man who looks at you the way this mannequin worships a swamp cooler

Telling another furry your legal name feels like revealing your True Name and that it will give them power over you.

Robey attempts to explain Disney's "The Little Mermaid" based only on a confusing 59 second TikTok video that he saw while drunk:

great wah forgive me, i can't help but judge old friends who are still using facebook after so many years of being told it's poison.

they probably think they're getting away with it, like meth addicts, but facebook has no scruples, and is ratting them out by posting their nefarious activities into my email box

the wah's brother gave us some hydroponic machines as a gift, so we're trying out cherry tomatoes and basil. i got a time lapse of the first three weeks of the plants coming up, it is surprisingly creepy! 🌱

OMG I found another one of those websites that was abandoned 20 years ago and is basically a time capsule now. 9/11 had just happened... and... That's it.

Complete with WEB RING!


in 2016 i figured the US would start breaking up before 2020, but to see it happening in 2022 in realtime, after i thought we dodged a bullet, is really something

coasts: "we no longer feel like leaving"
supreme court: "too bad, get out"

it's fun to imagine the kind of person who goes to a sex club in LA during a simultaneous covid surge and monkeypox outbreak

this pre-ground, dark roasted coffee from a ziploc tastes exactly as bad as you're imagining

i feel like i'm having the coffee from a pot at a funeral parlor

Something to consider as we're in Pride Month: never let anyone else make you feel ashamed of yourself.

If you're enjoying something that isn't immoral-illegal and is just a thing not everyone agrees with: fuck the haters, be proud of you, and trust that those who matter aren't going to question you.

"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

i've only played zelda 1, a few times as a kid, and didn't like it, but the new zelda (breath of the wild) had such great reviews, i gave it a shot

i'm really liking it so far... it rewards exploration and not being twitchy, and whenever you die, it's like "that's ok, try again"

also i'm a shirtless elf so that's fun

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