auto cw: could contain food 

attempted "tangzhong" style dinner rolls and in fact they were quite fluffier than usual!

one roll pictured here, with mushroom-pork stroganoff

who are some cool furs i can follow, over here on the furryverse?

auto cw: could contain food 

last night's cooking project: i made slider buns and @jjwolverine made tiny turkey burgers and cole slaw

in the south, cole slaw is uniformly white, with _maybe_ a bit of orange carrot peeking out... so this was weird (and tasty!) to see cole slaw with a bunch of new colors

turns out each slider bun is about 1oz of flour. i made 9 from 8oz (1/2 pound) but the corner ones were a bit sad -- it's hard to make dough stay in a square!

cleaning the bedroom and looking in drawers i haven't opened in months... i'm like "lol pants i remember those"

i just watched a bunch of techmoan and asm coding videos and now i'm W I R E D

me, after reading a crackpot article on 538 about states that never existed: "there's a reason we're in this timeline... new alabama's future was too pure..."

britefox: "alright. i'm out. good night."

Animal Business

A small server for a small group of dog things