my city is notorious for being one of the most boring cities on earth. it's one of the top 10 cities in the US by population, but was named "most forgettable" by 538:

recently they held an open contest for designing a centerpiece, like the knoxville sunsphere or the st louis arch. it would replace our previous centerpiece, an enormous street light that collapsed under its own weight over 100 years ago.

they received nearly a thousand submissions. some of them are truly amazing.

i'm not sure an enormous featureless blob is the right way to convey "this city is interesting!"

a personal favorite is the giant glow-in-the-dark gummi bear. i would totally bring people here all the time.

we are a near-desert climate, which makes many of the entries with "trees on bridges and balconies"... questionable. i particularly like the way this ewok village seems to be presenting a brand new forest as a sacrifice to the sun god. "please take these trees, O Great One, and burn them in your fierce light and heat, that you may spare us for another year!"

this is the closest to the idea of a "fernsehturm" or "space needle", i think. an obelisk that says "i exist because i can. if you see this, you're definitely here. nobody else would build this."

another personal favorite is the coyote bridge. so many big-name design firms submitted bland swooping concrete walkways that they all blur together, but this art student went "what if it was a bridge but it had lots of animal motifs and looked COOL?"

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